Save The Food

Save the Food specializes in refrigeration projects for poverty alleviation. Save the Food developed from the activities of Solar Ice Company. Solar Ice Company helped introduce a solar powered ice making system called the ISAAC to Africa. The introductory project was in the coast of Kenya at the Kidzo and Sovimwamri Farmers Dairy Co-operatives. This project is hosted by Heifer Project International.
In that project we learned that many more small farmers and fishermen need refrigeration. Thus we are forming a charitable organization Save the Food to raise money to help these people get refrigeration.
Save the Food is organized and operated as a 501c3 organization.  We have not yet applied for formal tax exempt status with the IRS.
The purpaose of the organization is to improve food security and income generation by helping rural rural people get refrigeration.

The activities of Save the Food were initiated by Solar Ice Company. Heifer Project International partnered with Solar Ice Company for the first demonstration of the ISAAC solar icemaker in Kenya.