Food spoilage is a major problem for the two billion people that live without access to electricity and refrigeration. 

SAVE THE FOOD helps people obtain refrigeration systems so they are able to  preserve their food for market. 
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Dairying is very popular. It provides milk for the family and a daily income, but milk is in danger of spoilage when there is no refrigeration.
The ISAAC Solar Icemaker in the picture above provides refrigeration for small-scale dairy farmers or fishermen. 

The Need for               Refrigeration

Small-scale dairy farming and fishing are two of the most common livelihoods of rural communities of developing nations. They provide food for their families and income by selling to their community and to the urban areas. 

The problem is that the many rural villages do not have electricity, so that they do not have refrigeration. Milk and fish are very perishable. Often they will spoil before they can be sold within the community or taken to distant urban markets. The result is loss of income for rural farmers and fishermen and their development is limited. 

If they had refrigeration, such as the solar powered icemakers shown above, they can chill their perishable food products. Rather than their products spoiling and being lost, they are preserved and sold for increased income.

With the increased income, they have more money for education, healthcare, water supply, etc. The farmer’s livelihoods are improved. They are encouraged to produce even more food, because now they know that they will be able to sell it. The urban areas benefit too because they have more locally produced food.

Ice is used to chill milk in the milk cans. Now they have until the next day to market in premium condition.